Giving You the Best Electricity Rates

QEnergy is the Electricity Retailer that puts effort in understanding your energy needs. We know household and business electricity savings is what you are looking for, so we give you our best and cheapest energy rates in our first offer.

We want to save you money and time because we aim to be the Best Energy Provider you’ve encountered. Beyond being the Cheap Energy Retailer, we deliver quality energy service:

  • Tailored Energy Solutions

    Enjoying an electricity plan that caters to your energy needs is possible as we patiently understand and analyse your energy usage.

  • Convenient Monthly Payments

    Monitoring your electricity expense is easy through our monthly payment option that helps you keep track of your energy usage.

  • Ongoing Advice

    Receiving insightful and practical energy tips will help you achieve Business Electricity Savings.

Helping You Save Money

As the Cheap Energy Provider, QEnergy helps you save money through providing the cheapest energy rates we can give our residential and business customers. We do this by offering discounts on the retail components on your bill. However, we cannot control network and environmental charges as they are legally mandated.

Your Bill Inclusions

To help you understand what you are paying for in your electricity bill, we have defined the three biggest part of your energy invoice:

Network Costs

These are the costs of moving the energy from generators to your home or business, building and maintaining power lines (transmission), and supplying energy to homes and businesses (distribution). QEnergy does not have control over these costs.

Environmental Charges

These are charges set by the government to cover the costs of de-carbonising electricity generation. These charges also include: Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) and Carbon Tax. QEnergy does not have control over these costs.

Retail Rates

These charges cover the cost of supplying energy services to your home or business. These include: billing and revenue collection, administration, customer service, regulatory compliance, and ancillary services. QEnergy has control over the retail rates.