Multi-site Business

We know you are more than just a number!


Does your business have 10 sites or more?

If your business has 10 sites or more, one of our Energy Specialist will help you switch over smoothly and provide ongoing support for your account.

Give us a call on 1300 448 535 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm), or alternatively you can email:


How can we help you?


Energy Specialist

One of our Energy Specialist can assist you with contract arrangements, general billing enquiries and managing specific accounts on a site-by-site basis.


Consolidated billing

We offer an easy way for multi-site businesses with 10 sites or more to manage your electricity accounts.

Within each nominated billing cycle, we’ll collate your bills and deliver them together with a consolidated summary, providing a simple way for you to review each site’s electricity accounts along with your overall business account. We can also email your summary in Excel for easy analysis.


30 Days payment terms

We understand that managing your account needs to work for your business, we are able to offer payment terms of up to 30 days from date of invoice to suit your businesses cash flow.


Switch to QEnergy

Switch to QEnergy

We’re the electricity specialists

At QEnergy, we make it easy for households and businesses to save money on one of their biggest overheads. We discount the retail components of electricity bills.

We understand what makes consumers tick

We take the time to analyse your current electricity costs and usage patterns to discover where you can save money.

It’s easy to make the switch

Once you’ve received our no-obligation plan for your household or business, we’ll call you within 48 hours to answer your questions and help you make the switch